Importance of condenser in sheet ice machine


Importance of condenser in ice machine

On condenser temperature sensor is how it works, when the temperature of the condenser, doesn't produce the cooling effect of cooling fan motor, by this time the temperature sensor of high temperature, through the A/D conversion, converts analog signals into digital signals, to judge by the program, and issue instructions, control of the compressor motor relay accordingly, Finally controls the working state of the compressor. Any refrigeration system can not be separated from the condenser, which is an important part, huayu Brothers ice machine is certainly no exception. Condensers can be divided into air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers according to their different heat transfer modes. The air-cooled condenser circulates the air through the fan to achieve the cooling effect.

The condenser should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will lead to the reduction of ice production and failure.

1. Clean the condenser radiator from top to bottom with a soft brush. Do not brush left and right to avoid bending the radiator fin.

2. If there is oil on the condenser radiator, you can use a special detergent to clean it in a certain proportion.

3. Clean the filter with neutral soap and water or detergent to ensure that the mesh is not blocked by dust or stolen goods. According to the quality of the environment, it is generally cleaned once in 1-2 months.

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