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How to maintain snow ice machine daily


The ice made by ice Spirit snowflake ice maker is amorphous fine granular snowflake ice, which is small in shape, can penetrate into narrow gap, has fast cooling speed and good ice bath effect, specially designed for laboratory. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes and other occasions, as well as hot pot restaurants, seafood, sashimi, restaurant, buffet, aquatic preservation, hairy belly duck sausage plate and other industries.

So how to maintain the ice spirit snowflake ice machine? The specific points are as follows:

1. No matter the compressor is shut down for any reason (water shortage, excessive ice, power failure, overload, etc.), it shall not be started continuously, and should be started again every 5min to avoid damage to the compressor.

2. Check the inlet and outlet pipe joints regularly in order to deal with the small amount of residual water that may leak.

3. When the machine is not in use, drain the excess water in the tank, dry the refrigerator tank with a clean cloth, screw off the sewage joint cover behind the box to drain the excess water in the water box, and then tighten the sewage joint cover.

4. When the ambient temperature drops below 0 ° C, there is a possibility of ice, so you must drain the water. Otherwise, the water intake pipe may break.

5. Drains should be checked 1 ~ 2 times a year to prevent blockage.

6. Please unplug the power supply when the machine is being cleaned, inspected and not used for more than one week. When inserting or unplugging the power plug, use the hand-held plug and do not pull the power cord.

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